Real-Time Race Tracking

Take advantage of real-time GPS tracking at your events today. Race Tracer is a next generation GPS tracking service that allows runners at your events to be tracked, live in real-time. Others can watch the race progress as it happens from almost anywhere..

Event Hosts

If you're hosting an event and want to take advantage of RaceTracers platform get in touch and we'll deal with everything you need to get setup. Once you have a host account you can create your course map and we'll give you a unique pairing code to give to runners who want to be tracked at your event, it's that simple; so why not get in touch.


If you're running at an event that supports RaceTracer you can elect to be tracked. All you need is the events unique pairing code, a supported smartphone and the free RaceTracer App. When your apps installed simply enter your pairing code, runner number and name at the event and you're all set.

Event Watchers

If you want to watch live event progress select "Watch Events" and find the event you want to watch. The RaceTracer Event Viewer allows you to follow runners at the event and discuss the event with other watchers.

Attending a supported event and want your progress to be tracked?

Make it simple and download the RaceTracer smartphone app today!

Attending an event and need to hire a tracker? Click here to find out more.